Kamala Harris has already won

Kamala Harris makes history tonight and believe me when I tell you that her moment will not be spoiled by the ugly racism being hurled at her. You can believe me because as a Black woman older than Sen. Harris I know from personal experience how white men respond to women who don’t behave as they think we should. We get called names. Today’s popular public ones: nasty, angry, hostile. But the behind-closed-doors ones are what they’ve always been: Black bitch and/or nigger bitch. We’re inured. Doesn’t mean we don’t hear the stupidity and it doesn’t mean we don’t wish it would stop. It just means that if we cracked and broke every time a white person said something ugly or stupid or hurtful we’d never get anything done. Besides, we’ve gained strength from the amazement we see from white people when not only do we succeed in the face of the ugly stupidity, we often excel, as in the case of Sen. Kamala Harris.
In case anyone thinks what’s happing to Sen. Harris is an isolated incident: Earlier this week Ralph Nader complained on Twitter that he wrote AOC a letter offering to help improve her progressive political stance and she didn’t respond. That upset him, so the 86-year old solicited his Twitter followers for help getting 30-year old Rep. Ocasio-Cortez to respond. I can think of several responses, the first being do men ever get old enough to not behave like two-year old brats? Why in hell would AOC need advice from him? Then there was the Yoho who called her a fucking bitch on the steps of the US Capital. This Yoho occupies a seat in the US House of Representatives, as does Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. She handled him righteously, and demonstrated that even at her young age she has significant experience being the kind of woman who makes men hostile and angry, and suffers their slings and arrows the way strong women do: It doesn’t stick.
So…here’s a question: Why are we called angry and hostile when it’s white men who exhibit all the anger and hostility? Is that what the APA Dictionary means by transference? Whatever. Sen. Kamala Harris already has won. You haven’t seen any of that ugly, sick crap stick to her, have you?



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